“Teaching Political Tools to Young People” – Training in Djerba, Tunisia successfully completed.

In the course “Teaching Political Tools to Young People”, full-time and voluntary youth workers from Tunisia and Germany practiced instruments of political participation. The training took place from 22 to 29 November on Djerba in Tunisia. The participants learned methods of communicating these tools to young people. More about the project

“Teaching Political Tools to Young People” – Fortbildung in Djerba, Tunesien erfolgreich beendet.

In dem Training „Teaching Political Tools to Young People“ übten haupt- und ehrenamtliche Jugendarbeiter/-innen aus Tunesien und Deutschland Instrumente der politischen Teilhabe ein. Das Training fand vom 22. bis 29. November auf Djerba in Tunesien statt. Die Teilnehmenden lernten Methoden, wie sie diese Instrumente an junge Menschen vermitteln. Mehr über das Projekt