9. November 2017 | 11:00 to 17:30 h | Contact and Information Seminar Erasmus + Application 2018 | Berlin

Berlin, November 9, 2017

The new program of the European Commission “Erasmus +” is now in the fourth year of its implementation and is – after brief initial difficulties – now quite round. However, the planned figures, especially in the field of education and training, are still quite far away.

Therefore, as every year, the GEB would like to invite old, but especially new (potential) partner schools from all over Germany to Berlin to discuss ways of cooperation. The aim should be to open as many students as possible, but also to the school staff, the opportunity for an educational stay abroad.

In order to make the seminar as practical as possible, we once again invited representatives of our foreign project partners to Berlin this year.


10:45 Registration

11:00 Welcome

11:10 Introductory round

12:00 Introduction to the Erasmus + program with examples of project implementation

12:45 Career of a project (application, selection and support of the participants, financial management, reports etc.)

13:30 buffet

14:00 Project planning with foreign partners “Speed-Dating”

16:30 project ideas and results

17:00 Final words

18:30 Dinner


Foreign project partners:

Paul Murray (Foyle International, Derry, United Kingdom)

Ritske Jan Merkus (De Plannenmakers, Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

Marisa Bernáldez (Steptraining, Sevilla, Spain)

Magnus Hansson (Företagsutveckling, Lund, Sweden)

Lucia Galdo (FORTES, Vicenza, Italy)

Sonja Markic (ZNI, Maribor, Slovenia)

Chiara Marozzo (Semper Avanti, Wroclaw, Poland)


The event is for free.

Attention, because of the large number of registrations we had to move!

The event will take place at:

Haus „Neues Deutschland“

Seminarraum 1

Franz-Mehring-Platz 1

10243 Berlin