THREE – Working Experience for VET Students from Padova

29th May to 23rd June 2018 in Berlin

The project is set in a geographical context which is called the Bassa Padovana area, in the South part of the Venetian region, which is characterized by an economy that is continuously suffering from the shortage of job occupation due to the financial and economic crisis. What is more, really radical historical and cultural conditionings and the permanence of genre and ethnic stereotypes make difficult to change behaviours and organization models of small enterprises and limit the necessary innovation processes.

In this context, the project  offers the young people important formative opportunities by means of the mobility activities that helped  them to improve the relationships with the other, either at genre or culture of origin levels, to perceive  the difference as a resource , not only as a limit. Together with the enhancement of linguistic and professional “tools”, the project highlighted the intercultural consciousness as one of the essential competences to start up a revival processes which might favour the employment linked to the potential touristic attractiveness of the territory.