EYE – International Learning Module for Early Years Education

October 2017 to December 2020

The European Commission, as well as national governments in Europe, have set the goal of making education in early childhood education more attractive in the years in order to make a contribution against the growing shortage of well educated educators.

The aim of the project is to develop with the partners a common, structurally identical training module that covers different topics of education in social education (depending on competence and specialization of the partners e.g. migration, parental work etc.) and at the same time by all partners in English Language is offered. The students or trainees can choose which of these courses and in which country they would like to attend.

Here’s an example of possibility to build a partnership:

The idea is that the partners develop this module together and integrate into their curriculum. This includes that the competences acquired through the module are recognized by all partners as an integral part of the training.

Product of the project is the training module with appropriate learning environment (linguistic preparation, intercultural preparation, cultural program during the training, coaching, etc.), which can be copied by other institutions and adapted according to their own requirements.

EYE Internet Platform

All students, teachers, and supervisory authorities participating in the project can find out about the courses of each educational institution through an online tool that is still to be developed. Students can enroll for the courses via the Internet and see who has signed up from each country before the course. The tool also serves to facilitate the communication of the participants of the individual courses during the course phase.

Support from experienced on-site facilities

The project will be carried out during its test phase in Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain and Slovenia. Each country has a project partnership of (at least) an experienced training institution (academy or university) and an organization experienced in carrying out occupational mobility in education and training.

Our Project partners:

  • Berufliche Oberschule Traunstein, Deutschland
  • Berlin-Kultur e.V., Berlin, Deutschland
  • Staatliche Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik, Traunstein, Deutschland
  • De Plannenmakers, Leeuwarden, Niederlande
  • Friesland College, Leeuwarden, Niederlande
  • Foyle International, Derry, UK
  • North West Regional College, Derry, UK
  • Step Training, Sevilla, Spanien
  • Centro Ergos, Sevilla, Spanien
  • ZNI, Maribor, Slowenien
  • Universität Maribor, Slowenien
  • Institutio Politecnico Leiria, Portugal
  • Ludotempo, Leiria, Portugal

Kick-off event from 12 to 15 November in Seville, Spain

In order to get to know each other personally and plan the implementation of the project, representatives of all project partners met for a few days in Seville. Even though the project was planned together and the project proposal was worked out together, the time was still important to engage more intensively with the project idea and its implementation. Above all, the integration of the training module into the curriculum of one’s own institution is not easy, especially for larger institutions.

In addition to many content-related agreements, an appointment was also found for the simultaneous implementation of the first prototype of the module: from 7 to 20 October, 2018!