7. April 2019

Europass award at the Jane Addams School in Berlin

More than 70 people received their Europeans this year as confirmation and description of their stays abroad as part of the EU Education Program Erasmus +
4. April 2019

KIWI – Kita on the way to Inclusion: Study trip for educators of vocational schools for social education in Wroclaw

"My ideas about pedagogy in Poland were positively disappointed. I will implement some ideas in my own work! "This is the comment in the evaluation of the seminar on Inclusion in Early Childhood Institutions in Wroclaw.
30. March 2019

Pro Move – presentation of the project results in the European Parliament in Brussels

At the end of March, Alina, our participant from Upper Bavaria told a group of EU parliamentarians and members of the European Union Commission about her experiences during her long-term internship in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
25. March 2019

Erasmus + Project “Leaders in Action” – The German Dual System of Vocational Training

Five representatives from school associations and from the municipality of Comunidade do Ave from the north of Portugal have successfully completed a 5-day training course on the German Dual System
11. March 2019

We Can Do It! – Seminar for Youth Workers from 12 different countries in Berlin

We Can Do It! - Seminar for Youth Workers from 12 different countries in Berlin
10. February 2019

Seminar for Teachers in Lund (Sweden) just finished

Seminar for Teachers in Lund (Sweden) just finished
31. January 2019

Youth Parliaments – Rated as very good (1,5) by the Participants.

After nearly three weeks and two meetings in Landshut, Germany, and in Mykolaiv region, Ukraine, last summer, 18 young activists are motivated to found youth parliaments, to go into politics and to organize international political projects.
17. December 2018

Teaching Political Tools to Young People

Training course for 20 youth leaders from Germany and Tunisia in Djerba successfully completed.
7. December 2018

Early Years Education – Mid Term Partner Meeting in Traunstein (Bavaria)

Representatives of 12 partner organisations from 6 European countries met in Traunstein for three days to evaluate the joint training module held in October in all countries at the same time.
29. November 2018

Early Years Education – Information and Contact Seminar for Schools of Social Pedagogic

Both teachers of technical colleges and co-ordinators of social education institutions in early childhood education have spent a day learning about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program to them and their institutions.