Are You Really so Political? – Are You Really so Apolitical?

1st part in Landshut, Germany, 22 to 30 May 2019
2nd part in Korba, Tunisia, 9. – 16. September 2019

24 young people from Germany and Tunisia get the possibility to train the political participation and deepen their skills in achieving political goals.

If you are politically engaged and interested in politics, you might find of great interest to:

  • Get an input of interview-techniques
  • Interview participants and politicians, see
  • Learn how to hold a structured debate under time limit (“Youth Debates”)
  • Identify, formulate and present political goals with the Bavarian-Tunisian-Action plan
  • Write emails to politicians and decision-makers
  • Visit NGOs, parties and institutions like the Bavarian State Chancellery

If you are apolitical, you might find of great interest to:

  • Use your existing skills
  • Write an interview to get free accommodation in hotels. Hotel- or backpacker owners are crazy for interviews.
  • Learn how to hold a debate in order to achieve your personal goals
  • Write E-mails to politicians to get an internship or a job.

Working language will be English. To apply please submit the registration form

In 2017 the participants rated the project with 1.33 on a scale of 1 to 4 (“How did you like the project all in all?”). The competences of the trainers were evaluated with 1.25.


Claus Sixt political scientist, former member of the city council of Landshut and former assistant of a deputy of the Bavarian Parliament.
Alexander Müller, participant of “Teaching Political Tools to Young People”; trainer of “Are You Really so Political? – Apolitical” in 2017.

Participation fees

180 € for participants from Germany / 110 € for participants from Tunisia
In fees are included: accommodation, full board and flights from Munich/Djerba (two ways). The travel expenses to and from the airport Munich and these from the Tunisian home towns to the venue are not covered. There may be also appear additional charges for the participants from Germany, if your departing airport is not Munich. Expenses on the free day are not included.

This project is submitted for funds of the Federal Foreign Office and the Bavarian State Chancellery. We expect that the project will be approved at the end of April.

In 2017 this training was funded by the Foreign Office within the transformation partnership Tunisia – Germany and the Bavarian State Chancellery within the Bavarian-Tunisian action Plan; organised by the Association for European Training.

Registration formular (german)