KIWI – Kita on the way to Inclusion – Further education for educators in Wroclaw, Poland

September 2017 to August 2019

A project in cooperation with the Fortbildungsinstitut für die Pädagogische Praxis (FiPP) e.V. The European Erasmus + program promotes cross-border education and training in various educational fields. In addition to vocational training (apprentices / trainers), the program also supports teachers and educational staff from general education and pre-school institutions.

As a sponsor in Berlin, FiPP operates more than 60 facilities and projects for children, youth and family work. In particular, the training courses should enable the management teams of the individual institutions to get to know new inclusive approaches in early childhood education in one of the economically strongest regions of Poland, which is strongly influenced by the influx of young families.

Number of scholarships for pupils: 0

Number of scholarships for teachers: 45