Erasmus + in vocational schools – information event at the Georg Kerschensteiner vocational college in Troisdorf (North Rhine-Westphalia)

The European Union’s Erasmus + program not only supports students at universities, but also apprentices during and even after their training. In addition, vocational school teachers and educators can receive funding throughout their entire working life. The ideal career path with Erasmus + in the social field may look like this: 1. In the first part of the training to become an educator (social assistant /child care worker, etc.), the class conducts a so-called professional field exploration. These mostly two-week stays abroad are seminars that are intended to provide an overview of one’s own professional field in other countries. They also offer the opportunity to break the ice and relieve participants of the fear to go abroad. 2. During the training to become an educator, optional or mandatory internships can be carried out abroad. The usual recognition internships or recognition years can also be completed as a whole or in part abroad if this is supported by the school. 3. Those who find it too difficult to go abroad during the recognition year can complete their training in Germany and do an internship in another country directly afterwards. This is possible within the first year after completing their vocational training. 4. Those who then start to work in a pedagogical institution (e.g. daycare centres) can do their further training courses in other European countries, instead of in Germany.  If you have any questions, please contact us.