Play at Leiria – Early Childhood Education in Portugal

From October 18 to 23, 2020 in Leiria, Portugal

Ludotempo is an educational institution that deals with the development of pedagogy in Portugal. He is responsible for the implementation of many projects at the national level. A particular focus of the work is the integration of free play into the pedagogical practice of early childhood education in Portugal.

The aim of the seminar is to get to know the Portuguese education system in general and specifically in the area of early childhood education and to compare it with the German system. We will visit various training facilities and daycare centers in Leiria and speak to those responsible there. There are certainly approaches that we can use for work in Germany.

The working language of the seminar is English.
The group will consist of about 8 to 12 participants.

Seminar fee: 570.00 euros

The following services are covered:

  • Program – seminar, visits and visits to educational institutions
  • Tutor on site, emergency phone number
  • Preparation in Berlin or online

Participants from the GEB network can receive an Erasmus grant:

Subsidy for travel expenses: 275 to 360 euros (depending on the distance)

Subsidy for subsistence costs: 588 to 672 euros (depending on the field of education and year of application)

Subsidy for seminar fees: 350 euros (only educational staff in the area of ​​school education including pre-school facilities)

Here is the seminar program (as of July 2020)