Inclusion in day-care center training in Wroclaw, Poland

From 6th to 11th December 2020 in Wroclaw, Poland

Educators and educational staff from providers of socio-educational institutions will be given local insights into the structure of early childhood education and the educational system in Wroclaw. The participants will be able to visit kindergartens and social institutions with a focus on inclusion and will be able to discuss the different systems with their colleagues. The aim is to get to know special and high-quality pedagogical approaches in the area of ​​inclusion and to be able to exchange ideas with colleagues on site.

Another goal of the training is to initiate partnerships between institutions in the two countries with the aim of promoting the mobility of their own clientele in training and further education.

The working language of the seminar is English.
The group will consist of about 8 to 12 participants.

Seminar fee: 350.00 euros

The following services are covered:

Program – seminar, visits and visits to educational institutions
Tutor on site, emergency phone number
Preparation in Berlin or online

Participants from the GEB network can receive an Erasmus grant:

Subsidy for travel expenses: 180 to 275 euros (depending on the distance)

Subsidy for subsistence costs: 588 to 672 euros (depending on the field of education and year of application)

Subsidy for seminar fees: 350 euros (only educational staff in the area of ​​school education including pre-school facilities)

Preliminary Wroclaw program