Europass award at the Jane Addams School in Berlin

More than 70 people received their Europeans this year as confirmation and description of their stays abroad as part of the EU Education Program Erasmus +. After Chancellor Merkel handed over the passports to the participants last year, this year the headmaster, Mr. Fred Michelau, and the head of the department, Mr. Axel Lüttich, took on this task together with Mrs. Neide Pedro from the GEB. “We are glad that we have been able to send students in cooperation with the GEB for more than ten years to other European countries. It is always amazing how students develop abroad and how they grow when they get to know other cultures and work environments! “, Emphasized Fred Michelau in his address to the participants.

All Berliners are especially happy and grateful for the almost ten-year collaboration with Caritas-Fachakedemie für Sozialpädagogik in Bamberg. The participants from Bamberg in Berlin were warmly welcomed in Berlin.