Work Camps and Long Term Volunteer Projects in Vietnam

Discover and learn Vietnam’s modern but also traditional beauty during the volunteer service in Vietnam. From one week to one year, you can choose the best volunteer job opportunity and take the time to help others. Exchange experiences with locals, children, students and disabled people.

SJ Vietnam, an International Youth NGO in Hanoi, in cooperation with the GEB e.V. in Berlin, promotes solidarity, peace and tolerance through youth citizenship projects in Vietnam whose goal is to improve society during and after the voluntary service.


There are two programs you can participate in:
1. Work camps with an average duration of 10 days
2. Long term volunteer projects lasting from 2 to 12 months

You will work with the locals on local initiative development projects and also live with them.

Work Camps

Work camps are usually organized in Hanoi or around Hanoi. They aim to provide experiences that strengthen solidarity, intercultural learning and community life by helping disadvantaged people, with different backgrounds.

These work camps allow you to perform or try various tasks, such as: small renovations to local schools, gardening and repairing the traditional houses of the locals, organizing cultural exchanges with the villagers, working with English teachers, interacting with children in English Games, art and music or through English lessons, the organization of various activities for children such as activities to raise awareness among children and locals on environment and climate change and feeding and care of wild animals.

Special Work Camps are festivals and events organized for Vietnamese festivals such as International Children’s Day, Mid-August Festival, Christmas and the Tet Holiday. SJ Vietnam organizes events to celebrate these meaningful moments for disabled children and adults, giving them the opportunity for happiness and many smiling faces. During the special events you can also discover special activities. For example, during the Mit-August Festival, you can help children prepare gifts and performances. At Christmas we aim to spread Christmas spirit among the children. Even if it is not a Vietnamese tradition, there are still celebrations on this day since Vietnam was a French colony. The volunteers will bring out performances, design games, pictures and money. During the traditional New Year celebration in Vietnam, volunteers will help bake traditional Chung biscuits and prepare special performances and gifts.

Long-term projects

Long term projects (2-12 months) are organized in Hanoi, Hai Duong and Nam Dinh and include tasks such as website management, office work, teaching work, and environmental and social work to promote sustainable development. You must be over 18 to participate in such a project. Various missions / bids for 2018 have been proposed, such as teaching English to children or students. You must be over 18 for these offers. For some tasks you need to be over 20, you can be a teacher assistant for English, Japanese or Chinese at the university. Also, you can take care of children and adolescents with disabilities at the Phuc Tue Center or work with local NGOs or in social business or support the IT and PR development.

Accommodation and food

You can stay in different ways. There are host families, tourism centers, volunteer houses or dormitories. The food will depend on where you are staying. Accommodation and food are included in the program.


1. Administration and preparation – 250 €
2. Project fees (depending on the program and duration)

Work Camps: 5.500.000 Vietnamese Dong (VND) approx .: 215 €

Groups Work Camps: from 3,000,000 to 10,000,000 VND (depends on the duration of the work camp) approx .: 120 € – 400 €

Long-term projects: 8,000,000 VND / month approx .: 300 € – 320 € / month 300 € / month

Includes: accommodation, food, transport during the project (on site), material needed for the project.

NOT included: leisure activities during the weekend, transfer, flights, visa and insurance.


Dates for work camps, group work camps and long-term projects can be found here!

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