Early Years Education – Mid Term Partner Meeting in Traunstein (Bavaria)

Representatives of 12 partner organisations from 6 European countries met in Traunstein for three days to evaluate the joint training module held in October in all countries at the same time.

From October 7 to 20, training modules were held for prospective educators in the UK, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Germany. The students were able to choose which of the advertised courses they wanted to attend.

In total, 54 students used the opportunity to complete the course in another country during the test phase. They were able to get to know the structures in the field of early childhood education in the respective host country. The fact that students from the other 5 countries took part in the same training courses led to interesting discussions and in the end real friendships. Overall, one study conducted in each of the participating countries showed that student satisfaction was consistently higher than 90 percent throughout the course.