EXACT – Scholarships for VET students in social professions

October 2018 to August 2021

People in social professions (educators, social assistants, nurses, therapists etc.) often deal with people with a migration background in their daily work. Nationwide, the number of kindergartens, which are mainly attended by children with a migration background. The number of patients with foreign roots is also increasing in some hospitals.
Going abroad for a while and becoming a foreigner is certainly not the worst idea. Apart from improving language skills (even if it is in the “bridging language” English), you can look outside the box and learn things that you can hardly achieve in your own country.
During the time abroad, the participants can get to know the appropriate facilities for their training in different fields of work and become fully familiar with the working conditions there. The participants have the opportunity to apply, deepen and expand the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired during the training.

Number of scholarships for pupils: 56

Number of grants for teachers: 11

Our partner organizations abroad support you in the organization and implementation of the stay abroad without releasing you from your own responsibility. The internships take place in institutions in the respective professional areas in other European countries and are guided by experienced and well-trained specialists.
The scholarships depend on the destination, the services and the duration of the stay abroad. They cover most of the costs for travel, accommodation on site, arranging an internship, insurance, transportation on site etc. The rest of the costs must be borne by the participants themselves.

Here you will find the individual amounts for stays of 4 to 26 weeks abroad. For longer stays and specialist seminars, please contact us

The following services are covered by the scholarship and the contribution:

  • Preparatory seminar (one-day) in Berlin (travel and subsistence expenses will be borne by the participants)
  • Online language course for more than 4 weeks abroad
  • Flat rate for travel expenses
  • Local public transport costs (if necessary)
  • Accommodation in shared apartment or host family
  • Help finding a suitable internship
  • Care and tutoring throughout the stay
  • 24/7 emergency phone number

What do you have to do to apply?

  1. Create a Europass CV in English or in the language of the country of destination. The form for the Europass CV can be found under “Downloads”
  2. Write a letter in English or the language of the country of destination stating why you want to participate in the program

The application is sent by mail to the contact persons listed below.

The criteria for the selection for a scholarship are the own motivation and above all the relevance of the stay abroad for your education. Language skills in the language of the destination country are desirable, but in Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands, the internship may partly be conducted in German or English.

How is this continuing?

If you are selected for a scholarship, we invite you to

  • attend a seminar to prepare for the stay abroad (mostly in Berlin) and
  • to conclude an Erasmus + Subsidy Contract

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Ms. Heike Knothe for UK – (London, Northern Ireland, Wales), Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal and Slowenia

Ms. Claudia Benedetti  for France, Malta, Ireland, Austria, Sweden and Italy

Ms. Iwona von Polentz for Finland und Poland