Discover Europe IV

October 2018 until September 2020

A project in cooperation with the Vocational Schools in the district of Osnabrück in Melle, the Vocational Schools in the district of Oldenburg and the Vocational Schools for health and social affairs in the district of Bentheim.

Learners in dual or school-based vocational training as well as pupils from the technical school for social pedagogy have the opportunity to go to other European countries for two to eight weeks in order to gain practical work experience there. Some places are available for people who want to go abroad for up to 12 months after completing their training.

Number of scholarships for pupils: 62

Number of grants for teachers: 20

Our partner organizations abroad support you in the organization and implementation of the stay abroad without releasing you from your own responsibility. The internships take place in institutions in the respective professional areas in other European countries and are guided by experienced and well-trained specialists.
The scholarships depend on the destination, the services and the length of the stay abroad. They cover most of the costs for travel, accommodation on site, arranging an internship, insurance, transportation on site etc. The rest of the costs must be borne by the participants themselves.
Here you will find the individual amounts for stays of 4 to 26 weeks abroad. For longer stays and specialist seminars, please contact us.

The following benefits are covered by the scholarship and the personal contribution:

– Preparatory seminar (one day) in Berlin (travel and subsistence expenses will be covered by the participants)
– Online language course for stays of more than 19 days abroad
– Flat rate for travel expenses
– Local public transport costs (if necessary)
– Accommodation in shared apartment or host family (in single or double rooms)
– Help in finding a suitable internship
– Supervision and tutoring during the entire stay
– Insurance (accident, travel health and liability insurance at work) for up to 16 weeks. For longer stays, participants must take out insurance themselves from the 17th week (e.g. via the DAAD for currently EUR 62 per month).
– 24/7 emergency phone number

What do you have to do to apply?

Create a Europass curriculum vitae in English or in the language of the target country. You can find the form for the Europass CV under “Downloads”
Write a cover letter in English or the language of the target country explaining why you want to participate in the program

The application is sent by email to:

Ms. Vittoria Fabris for UK – (London, Northern Ireland, Wales), Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia;

Ms. Claudia Benedetti for France, Malta, Poland, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Italy.

The criteria for selecting a scholarship are your own motivation and, above all, the relevance of the stay abroad for your training. Language skills in the language of the target country are desired, but in Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands the internship can also be carried out in German or English.

How is this continuing?

If you are selected for a scholarship, we invite you

– to participate in a seminar to prepare for the stay abroad (mostly in Berlin) and
– conclude an Erasmus + funding contract