Youth Education

Funded projects in youth education are mostly carried out under the EU programme “Erasmus + Youth in Action“, or at a national level with support from the “Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youths”.

  • Youth Exchanges: Young people from different countries come together for a certain period (usually 10 to 14 days) at a set location to work together on a project, share experiences, and break down stereotypes. The aim of the project is to give teenagers and young adults space and time to get to know people and cultures from various countries.
  • European Voluntary Service: Teenagers and young adults have the opportunity for a longer period (usually 6 to 12 months) to carry out the ‘Youth in Action’ project in a participating country as a volunteer. In addition to the EU Member States, there are also points of application in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Further information about the European Voluntary Service

Aktuelle Projekte

4. August 2020

We Share It!

January 2021 until July 2022

Together with our partners from Central and Eastern Europe, we will be holding seminars in the coming years for people who work full-time or on a voluntary basis in youth work.
2. July 2018

Work Camps and Long Term Volunteer Projects in Vietnam

March 2018 until March 2021

Work Camps and Long Term Volunteer Projects in Vietnam