Training for educational staff

Together with European and International partners, GEB leads seminars and training programmes for teachers and other professionals who are active in the fields of international youth work, education or vocational training. The aim is to give these individuals the opportunity to develop (at an international level) skills and competencies in certain subject areas, and to better understand European and national education programmes in order to adapt them for their own students.

Current projects

4. August 2020

We Share It!

January 2021 until July 2022

Together with our partners from Central and Eastern Europe, we will be holding seminars in the coming years for people who work full-time or on a voluntary basis in youth work.
7. July 2020

Play at Leiria – Early Childhood Education in Portugal

18th to 23rd October 2020 in Maribor, Slovenia

The aim of the seminar is to get to know the Portuguese education system in general and specifically in the area of early childhood education and to compare it with the German system. We will visit various training facilities and daycare centers in Leiria and speak to those responsible there. There are certainly approaches that we can use for work in Germany.
25. June 2020

Training in Bolzano, Italy for educators and educational staff

27th September to 2nd October 2020

The aim of the advanced training is to get to know special and high-quality pedagogical approaches and to be able to exchange ideas with colleagues on site
21. June 2020

Inclusion in day-care center training in Wroclaw, Poland

du 3 au 8 novembre à Berlin

Le système de formation duale en Allemagne. Est-ce que le système dual a un impact sur le faible taux de chômage des jeunes en Allemagne ? Que signifie exactement le système de formation duale ?
21. June 2020

Next generation learning – Development of approaches for remote controlled teaching and learning

23rd to 28th August 2020 in Leeuwarden, The Nederlands

According to Corona, learning in VET will definitely become more digital. "Remote learning" can be used as a new part of pedagogy. It makes sense to use the capabilities of the technology in an intelligent, practical, yet flexible way that goes far beyond what it has been used for today.
30. March 2020

Early Childhood Education in Slovenia

4th to 9th October 2020 in Maribor, Slovenia

What is similar, what is different from the German system of training as an educator? The course aims to give participants an overview of the system of early childhood education in Slovenia and to visit examples of good practice.