Europe Day in Melle

“Expand language skills, get to know people from other countries and master new challenges.” This is how Petra Wagner, Leonie Brehm and Paula Sophie Melcher described their experiences during an internship abroad in Vienna and Budapest. The professional and entertaining presentations of the trainees also delighted the former President of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Pöttering.

Europe Day at the BBS: That was the culmination of a whole week under the motto “Thank you Europe”. 1600 pupils should take part in the event. At least that was how the organization team Hera Brand, Stefanie Bölke and Sabine Preuss under the direction of Silke Löw had planned.

Everything was meticulously prepared: the large stage was set up, the European anthem sounded every day in the foyer, and the entire student body was looking forward to the ceremony.

But in the short term everything changed because of the corona virus. “There are only a hundred participants left,” said headmaster Hermann Krüssel, referring to the limited audience.

“I am glad that I can be here today because my next appointments in Aachen, Brussels and Macedonia have all been canceled.” That was how Hans-Gert Poettering’s impressive speech about the development of Europe began.

It is a community of values ​​with 500 million people in 27 countries and the largest single market worldwide. The professor from Bad Iburg, born in 1945, vehemently campaigned for the financial support of the Erasmus scholarships and asked the students: “It is your job and at the same time the greatest challenge to defend these values ​​and the dignity of every individual and not that To leave politics. ”

The high importance of a peaceful Europe was the focus of all speeches, for the Deputy Mayor Christina Tiemann as well as for Gunter Ring from the Society for European Education in Berlin.

The internship abroad has been a popular tradition at the BBS for seven years, which carries the title of European School. 35 trainees worked in Portugal, North Macedonia, Malta and Seville. Three of them reported with great enthusiasm about living and working in Vienna and Budapest.

Paula Sophie Melcher organized her one-month internship as a so-called “freemover”. The third-year apprentice worked for a subsidiary of the Kesseböhmer company in Budapest. Her goal is to train as a European business administrator.

“I took the opportunity to gain international experience,” said the 20-year-old, who checked lift fittings in quality control, carried out load tests and documented work steps for a new product. She also worked actively in production. It was a relaxed day-to-day work with warm people. Paula’s tips for an internship are: Book accommodation with Airbnb, apply for funding, make contacts and have fun.

“We love Vienna and have had an unforgettable time,” reported Leonie Brehm and Petra Wagner, who worked with children and young people in the youth center “Come together” and settled in quickly. Leisure time was filled with a tight schedule of sights. “Get help with apps like Uber and moovit for local transport,” the duo informed.

The team of moderators Julian Korte and Jasmina Frey led the entertaining program in a charming and eloquent way. The orchestra’s music group received great applause from the Melle Gymnasium under the direction of Petra van Verth.

When Christina Tiemann and Hans-Gert Pöttering distributed the Europasses, the headmaster Hermann Krüssel was happy: “Thank you Europe, the message for peace is very important to us.”