Inclusion in Vocational Education in Germany (EN)

From december 1st to 6th 2019 in Berlin

Recently there has been a lot of emphasis on the importance of inclusion in all areas of life. Vocational training is no exception, even if it is often less noticed.

How is inclusion in VET? What does that mean in practice? What help is there for trainees, vocational schools and companies? What is the relationship between inclusion and the “dual system of vocational training” (training in equal parts at school and in a company)? What happens after completing the training? Are there jobs for people with special needs? How are these promoted?

These and other questions will be discussed in Berlin. We will visit vocational schools as well as companies. We will talk to trainers and trainees and, in exchange with our German colleagues, gradually approach the topic of “Inclusion in VET”.

The following services are covered by the GEB:

  • Four full days program – Visits to businesses, schools, educational institutions and administrations
  • Accommodation in the middle class hotel, single room inclusive breakfast
  • Dinner on the first day (3rd of November) and the last evening (7th of November)
  • Public Transportation in Berlin
  • Program in English / Translation of the most important program items

The participation fee is 1,170 euros per person. The seminar can be funded by an Erasmus + scholarship in the field of education or training. When using an Erasmus + scholarship, the fee for people will be reduced according to the national sums of support. Example: For a French teacher the participation fee could be reduced to 190 euros (general education) or 290 euros (vocational education).

Provisional programme

Registrations until November 3rd 2019