The dual system of vocational training in Germany (EN)

From November 10th to 15th 2019 in Berlin

The dual system of vocational training in Germany

The importance of integrating practical elements into the training of young people has been strongly emphasised in recent years. In Germany, the system of initial vocational training in work-based learning is widely used (equal parts in school and in the company). The youth unemployment rate in Germany is lower than in almost all other EU Member States. Does the dual system have an impact on the low youth unemployment rate in Germany? What exactly does the dual German system mean? And in practice, how does it work?

We will try to answer all these questions in Berlin. We will visit vocational schools and companies. We will discuss with trainers and students and, in exchange with colleagues, we will gradually tackle the myth of the German “dual system”.

The following services are provided by the GEB:

– Four full days program – Visits to companies, schools, training centres and administrations.

– Accommodation in a hotel in single room with breakfast.

– Two common dinners, the arrival day and the last evening.

– Transport on site.


290€ per person with an Erasmus+ grant

1,170€ per person without Erasmus+ grant

Provisional program

Registrations until october 13th 2019