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Welcome to Gesellschaft für Europabildung (GEB)!

As it is written in our statute, GEB is "a community of friends and supporters of the European idea".

These friends and supporters are government agencies, companies, educational institutions and individuals who work together on the European integration, international understanding and the peaceful exchange in Europe and worldwide.

We are a major provider of training programmes (organization of internships abroad) under the EU Program Leonardo da Vinci; of networking and training for teachers; of tailor-made educational stays worldwide for people of all ages; of non-formal education under the European Voluntary Service Programme (EVS) and of development and research projects to improve the quality of education and training in Europe.

We are working with partner organizations in 21 countries of the European Union and other European and international partners. Since its founding in 1989, we give people the opportunity to know new realities over borders and to learn from these personal experiences.


Current projects

18th of October, 2014 

We Can Do It! (VIII) - Youth Exchange for people with and without disabilities in Chisinau, Moldova

This integrative Youth Exchange has now been implemented for the 8th time. As in previous years, 60 young people with and without disabilities, as well as their carers and trustees, participated in 'We Can Do It'. Over a period of 10 days, various workshops were held addressing the theme of participation, and the results were presented to the wider public during the closing ceremony.     


01st of October 2014 

Colorful instead of Brown - GEB moves into the former Thor-Steiner shop at Petersburger str. 94! 


Instead of selling clothing notoriously worn by Neo-Nazis, the former Thor-Steiner store is now the home of education and training on a European and Worldwide level. The GEB office now occupies this historically important spot, which was previously a meeting point for the Nazi Party with the SA bar "Zum Keglerheim" located in the cellar.

Moving is always stressful,  but we are happy that the fight against the Thor-Steiner store has lead to this positive result.


29th of September 2014

Ready for Europe! - Awarding of Europass Certificates to Trainees in Lichtenfels


14 students of a state vocational school from Lichtenfels completed their training in various European countries and were awarded with Europass certificates.


11th of September 2014 

Language Course and Short Internship for College Students from Verona


It´s already been 10 years since the first college class from Verona visited us in September for an advanced German course.  During their two-week long stay, students attended a one-week intesive German course in the language school, and completed their stay with a one-week internship in local enterpises (Berlin). 


1st of September 2014

EuroCure - Project that supports professional mobility of health care professionals!

For the next two years GEB in cooperation with European Intsitutions will support the health care professionals professional mobility to Europe. The aim of the project is the mutual recognition of qualifications initially in Hungary, Germany and Czech Republic. Our partners in this project are Vivantes Hospital Corporation and the Association of nursing schools in Czech Republic.   






8th May 2014

Europe Day at the Max-Taut School in Berlin

As every year, GEB has been once again involved in the realisation of the European Day at the Max-Taut school. In addition to several lectures, cultural impressions from former interns abroad were also shown.


5th May 2014

VETPRO educational trip for teachers in the field of social work in Seville, Spain

For all "experts of vocational training" in the field of social work, we have organized a week-long educational trip to Seville. 14 people - mostly teachers - from Germany have received lasting impressions of Spain.


24th March 2014

EuroCure - 25 directors of vocational schools in Czech Republic on a visit in Berlin

The directors of almost all vocational healthcare schools in Czech Republic have visited various hospitals and healthcare schools in Berlin during a week-long stay. In addition, cooperation between schools was established that could lead to an increased exchange of trainees.


7th March 2014

Work of Art - Project meeting at the National Museum in Krakow

27 senior employees of various museums and cultural institutions met at the National Museum in Krakow, Poland. The aim of the Work of Art project is to qualify the employees in such a way that they can provide assistance to foreign visitors in simple terms.


21th February 2014

DDN - German Demographics Network - Meeting in Berlin

In almost all European countries, the average age of the population progressively increases. In twenty years less and less young people will define the society. The DDN is a union consisting of companies and educational institutions, whose aim is to meet the challenges of an aging workforce.


18th February 2014

Euroesso - Network meeting in Valencia, Spain

34 organisations have united years ago to jointly develop projects in the field of education and culture at European level. This year's meeting was again held in Valencia, where the network was also established.


17th February 2014

Senior Pass kick-off event - Project for recognizing and documenting skills of people over 50

Although most people over 50 would not count themselves to seniors, this group of people has, however, significantly lower chances on the labour market. The Senior Pass project would therefore like to give this group the opportunity to discover their (not only formal) skills and formulate them into an e-portfolio.


16th February 2014

Mobility in Europe - Information sessions in various vocational schools in the Basque Country

From 16 to 22 February, our GEB colleagues were informing professional schools in the Basque country about internship opportunites in Berlin or London. Several new contacts were established and joint projects were planned during the stay.


10th February 2014

Information event in the state-run vocational school Lichtenfels

Over 30 interested students and teachers have been informed about the possibility of undertaking an internship abroad during and after the vocational training.


January the 27th

MOST Internship Fair with the focus on Eastern Europe

It's already a long-lasting tradition for GEB to participate in MOST Internship Fair at Berlins' City Hall. Again many young people received an information about scholarships they may receive for education in Eastern Europe.


January the 23rd

MOB G.A.E: MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability - Kick off meeting in Florence.

18 european partner organisations arranged a new research project supported by the European Commission. The project aim at measuring an impact of mobility project on young people. How did the mobility experieces influence private lives and career paths of youth? This topic will be researched till the end of 2015.


January the 20th

Ready for Europe - Information and Preparatory Meeting in Traunstein (Oberbayern, Germany)

Many gratuates from Vocational School in Traunstain are going to underdake an internship abroad, so as did their colleagues last year. Their placements will be either in Spain ir in Northern Ireland.


January the 12th

MobiProEu - Information Meeting at Vocational Schools in Budapest (Hungary)

From the 12th till the 14th of January we have been visiting Vocational Schools in Budapest to spread an information about a new programme MobiProEU released by the German Government and possibilites that the programme offers.


September the 7th 2013

10 pupils from Vincenca (Nothern Italy) participate in Berlin in an introduction to work experience

During the next two weeks our guests will be participating in an intensive language course and having shot-term internships in various companies around Berlin. 


30th August 2013

Eurosocial - Preparatory Weekend for social studies gratuates in Berlin

Last weekend 24 graduates of social work participated in preparatatory courses for their forthcoming internship abroad. 


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28. Mai 2014

Abschlusspräsentation polnischer Auszubildender aus dem Bereich Grafik

Zum Abschluss ihres vierwöchigen Kurses zur Berufsbildung haben 23 polnische Auszubildende ihre Arbeiten präsentiert. Die Kooperation mit den berufsbildenden Schulen in Polen hat sich seit Jahren stetig entwickelt und soll zukünftig noch ausgebaut werden. 


26th August 2013

We can do it! Preparation Meeting for the international Youth Meeting in Georgia

80 participants with and without handicaps from 10 European countries will participate in the international youth meeting in Kobuleti (Georgia). Last weekend we've conducted the preparatory meeting with project leaders of all the participating countries.   


19th of August 2013

Eurograduate II - Gratuates from the UK in Berlin - working experience

On Saturday, as in the previous years, young graduates from Nothrern Ireland and Great Britain came to Berlin to gain the first working experience abroad after graduation. The will be working in Berlin till Christmas in various organizations.


07th August 2013

II Vocational School for Social Workers- Informational event for students from social education field in Berlin

In the last couple of years many students from II Vocational Centre 'Jane-Adam-Schule' appeared at the informational meetings. The aim of GEB and the School is to provide internships in other EU countries for at least 10% of students every year. Placements in this case apply to educators and teachers.


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